690 – The Incredible PICRAT

It’s a happy day on WELSTech when we welcome back Rachel Feld and Jason Schmidt for a new school year season of edtech-focused discussion! We have an incredible theme for the year, and we kick it off with a discussion of instructional design frameworks. Rachel has a site which makes instructional videos easy, Jason is impressed with easy photo cleanup, and WELS Technology wants to hire you!


The discussion

Instructional Design – While Martin is away, Sallie is joined by Prof. Rachel Feld from Martin Luther College and Jason Schmidt, Executive Director of Wisconsin Virtual School, as we kick off a new school year series – The Incredibles of EdTech. This week the discussion focus is on foundational (and “Mr. Incredible-like” strong and durable) frameworks for describing the impact of tech-enhanced teaching, including the PICRAT and Triple-E models.

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