Faithfully Connected authors

601 – Don’t Give Jason Your Password!

Spring has arrived on WELSTech as we wrap up our season-long book discussion of Faithfully Connected with guest host Jason Schmidt and an interview with the authors. Jason shares a “life changing” Google tool and a great book recommendation for summer. Plus, there’s news from Last Pass, a recommendation for Pear Deck, and the debut of the BORAM. Listen now!

The discussion and interview:

Faithfully Connected authors

Dr. Ben Boche and Dr. Jake Hollatz

Finding balance –  Jason Schmidt, edtech co-host extraordinaire, joins Martin and Sallie to wrap up our book discussion of Faithfully Connected. We cover chapter 9, Digital Security, and the conclusion.

And, as a special bonus, Martin and Sallie talk with the authors of Faithfully Connected, Dr. Ben Boche and Dr. Jake Hollatz, to learn more about the motivation and message of the book.

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Learn more about Pear Deck for Google Slides in this introductory video.

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Episode 602 – Pastor Jim Behringer, administrator for Special Ministries, kicks off our summer focus on WELS Congregational Services.  Release date: Wednesday, June 5.

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