448 – Mobile Ministry Apps

WELSTech kicks off our first summer series on “mobile” with a show all about apps…especially those apps useful for ministry. Pastors, teachers, and anyone interested in what a smartphone can do for them will find plenty of ideas. There are also mobile-friendly picks of the week and a review of an adventure-ready Bluetooth speaker.

The discussion:

Mobile phoneThere’s an app for that – After answering the Miss America question of the day, Martin and Sallie share loads of useful apps for public and personal ministry.

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Pastor Emile Burgess from Trinity in Caledonia, WI shares his experience with a rugged, adventure-ready Bluetooth speaker, the ECOXGEAR EcoCarbon from REI

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 449 – The focus on mobile ministry continues with a look at all things about mobile photography. Release date: Wednesday, June 15

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