387 – In The Bag

WELSTech is on the road this week as Martin vacations in warm Austin, TX and both he and Sallie did a worship tour of district president congregations over Easter. The topic for discussion is what to carry in your computer bag when traveling. Geek out with their gadget list, and stay tuned for more great ministry-tech ideas including Bible costumes, a meeting fable and QR code treasure hunts.

The discussion:

inTheBag145x125Pack Your Bag – Don’t get caught without the things you need when you are away from home and office. Martin and Sallie share the contents of their computer bags with the hope that their lists can serve as a checklist for future packing efforts.

Martin’s bag:

Sallie’s bag:

News in tech:

Google under fire for YouTube Kids app

WELS now:

Something to tweet about! The WELSTech Conference Early Bird registration price of $199 has been extended to April 15!

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Ministry resources:

Bible costume ideas on Pinterest

Featured videos:

This week we link to the Martin Luther College Concerts 2014-2015 Livestream archive for the College Choir Homecoming Concert 2015

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 388 – Martin and Sallie wrap up the discussion of Matt Perman’s What’s Best Next. Watch and participate on 04/14/15 @ 4 pm Central – welstechlive.wels.net.

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