386 – Science and Social Studies

On this week’s WELSTech Jason Schmidt brings his enthusiasm and great science and social studies apps for all ages. In our community feedback section we also enjoy a Kickstarter project that will make pancakes in any shape you can draw.

The discussion:

GrasshopperBack to School – Semi-regular classroom technology correspondent Jason Schmidt, from Bennington ISD, joins Martin and Sallie as we share edTech resources for the science and social studies classrooms, part of the WELSTech Goes to School series.

News in tech:

World Back Up Day!

WELS now:

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Ministry resources:

Easter Resource Roundup from Church Tech Today

Featured videos:

The newest addition to the WELSTech Instructional playlist on YouTube is Social Animals, Solitary Creatures, just one of the 100+ videos on the Kids Animal Channel


Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 387 – Martin and Sallie share their carry-along tech that they can’t do without. Watch and participate on 04/07/15 @ 4 pm Central – welstechlive.wels.net.

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