326 – Going Paperless

Tune in to this week’s WELSTech for links galore to help you (and Sallie) get started in a paperless existence. Listen for ideas to begin digitizing both personal and ministry paperwork. Webmasters will appreciate this week’s ministry resources for enhancing search engine optimization. And find out if Martin knows where to find Bible-minded people.

The discussion:

A digital life – Martin and Sallie share ideas for converting the paper we are so fond of filing away into digitized bits and bytes and in the process improving our access to important information, enhancing our stewardship of time and allowing for easy sharing and collaboration.

Ministry resources:

  • Cory Putz from St. Matthew’s in Winona, MN recommends Marketing Grader and LikeAlyzer for search engine optimization and site analysis
  • Share a helpful resource that makes a difference in your ministry, and you will be entered to win an Apple TV. Deadline for entry is May 31, 2014.

Tech tips:

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 327 – Mr. Sunshine, Jason Schmidt, guest hosts with Martin and Sallie on our edtech focused podcast as we talk wireless infrastructure. Drew Willems from Shoreland Lutheran High School is set to share a “state of Shoreland technology” report as well. (Release date – 02/05/14)

Music download:

This week only, download a free music single from Stephen Bautista (www.stephenbautistamusic.com or stephenbautista on Twitter) – A Brand New Day

Get involved:

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  1. Emile Burgess
    Emile Burgess says:

    I didn’t catch the episode where you guys talked about hourly “exercise” and stand up desks, but I was glad to hear the community feedback from this episode. So I thought I’d share what I used sporadically at Seminary and more often now in ministry to work standing up. See link below to my Google+ page. It’s a bit bootleg, but “sitting is the new smoking,” they say. It’s a tabletop podium thing I found at a thrift shop. I also invested in a rubber mat to stand on since I’m usually in churchy shoes at the office.
    In light of the hourly “exercise” thing, I have my computer’s clock speak to me the time at the top of each hour. That’s my reminder (for when I am sitting at the desk) to stand up a walk around for a few minutes.
    Thanks for your work, Martin and Sallie!


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