327 – Wifi Chalk Talk

It’s edtech week on WELSTech, and we have not one, but two, great additions to this week’s podcast. Drew Willems shares the “State of Technology at Shoreland”  (and simultaneously enrollment numbers likely spike), plus Jason Schmidt guest hosts with Martin and Sallie and talks wireless infrastructure. Martin gives us the rundown on a new Kindle, and Jason shares some enhanced Raspberry Pi.

The interview:

Chrome Academy wannabes – Shoreland Lutheran High School Technology Director, Drew Willems, talks with Martin and Sallie about their tech initiatives including flipped classrooms, x:1 support of digital devices, training student tech leaders for manning the Chrome Depot, and much more.

The discussion:

Wifi the right way – Setting up wifi to support the needs of multiple users with multiple devices should be the starting point of planning for school and church technology. Martin and guest host Jason Schmidt explain the basic areas for consideration when implementing a wifi network, most importantly that it takes expertise, not just a few generic routers from the local tech-in-a-box store, to do wifi right.

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(1:06:25) Episode 328 – The WELSTech book discussion is back as Martin and Sallie look at Chapter 8, “The Church of Google”, from Nicolas Carr’s The Shallows. (Broadcast date – 2/11/14)

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(1:07:20) This week enjoy a free music download from WELS artist Chris Driesbach (chrisdriesbach.com) – Modern Evangelist

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