246 – Summer Software Showcase: BatchGeo

Taking the WELSTech Summer Software Showcase stage this week is BatchGeo, a Web 2.0 map generation tool.

The discussion:

Map It! – Harnessing the power of Google Maps to map a collection of data is just what this week’s Summer Software Showcase featured web site, BatchGeo, is good for.  Listen as Martin and Sallie discuss site features and ideas for use in ministry settings.  An added mapping bonus mention is made of Google Earth. Listen for more on Google Earth in the WELSTech archives – Episode 172.

Ministry Uses

  1. Map your church membership or school families
  2. Map ministry groups – for Elder assignment, small group Bible study and more
  3. Geo-locate addresses and import into other software such as Google Earth and various church management software
  4. Use in education – great for Geography and other Social Studies subjects as well as many others
  5. Map lists of prospective church members or school families for outreach

Sample Map

View WELS & ELS FinalWeb Customer Sites in a full screen map

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(40:07) Episode 247 – Next week Martin and Sallie countdown the 7 Best Ministry Gadgets. What is your favorite shiny thing? (Release date – 08/01/12)

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(42:40)  We close the podcast with the music of Corban Creek – It Seems To Be The Day 

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