244 – Summer Software Showcase: Vimeo

This week on the WELSTech Podcast we look at the video hosting platform Vimeo.

The discussion:

Video Hosting – Vimeo and Vimeo Plus are on the Summer Software Showcase stage as Martin and Sallie discuss many ministry uses and examples of the video hosting platform.

Ministry Uses

  1. Sermon videos
  2. Embed videos on your web site
  3. Promotional videos
  4. Bible class videos
  5. Flipped classroom

Picks of the week:

  • (12:20) TypingWeb
  • Browser Tab Switching Keyboard Shortcuts
    • Control + Tab – cycle through tabs
    • Control + Number – Go to a specific tab – In Safari use Command + Shilft + Left and Right Arrows
    • Control/Command + W – Close a tab
    • Control/Command + T – Opens a new tab

7 Best:

(19:52) Send us your favorite Ministry Gadgets for inclusion in our August 7 Best list

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(30:02) Episode 245 – Wear your biggest monkey grin to next week’s Summer Software Showcase podcast as Martin and Sallie talk about ministry uses for PicMonkey. (Release date – 07/18/12)

The featured artist:

(30:46)  We close the podcast with the music of  Mike Westendorf (www.mikewestendorf.com and mikewestendorf on Twitter) – Come 

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  1. Jimmy Pautz
    Jimmy Pautz says:

    There are positives and negatives to Vimeo:

    +Cleaner look when going to Vimeo.com
    +More security customization (for paid account)
    +Allow people to download easily
    +Detailed Analytics

    -Upload limit (for both paid and unpaid)
    -Cost (for extra features)
    -HD limit (free account)
    -Lower exposure/discover-ability
    -Lower SEO

    Youtube has grown leaps and bounds in the past couple years when it comes to features:
    +Once you are “verified”, your upload limit is gone.
    +No HD limitations
    +Good SEO
    +Good exposure: people can discover your video more easily and it can help promote your ministry
    +Built in video editor: http://www.youtube.com/editor
    +Good video stabilization (for shaky videos)
    +Always free

    -related videos on the right
    -Not as many security settings
    -Not as detailed analytic data (but more than enough for most people)

    I did extensive research into this for my job a few months ago and we tried both services. Because of IT restrictions for our intranet, we ended up hosting them ourselves and streaming with HTML5 video with a flash fallback for older browsers. (HTML5 will stream well on mobile devices, include iOS.) We use Leanback player (http://leanbackplayer.com/) but there are other good services out there. (Sublime [paid and free] is super easy to use and provides analytics http://sublimevideo.net)

    Sorry for the length comment but I have a good amount of knowledge on the topic :)


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