172 – Google Earth

This week is education week on the WELSTech Podcast, and Gail Potratz joins us to take a look at Google Earth.

The discussion:

Tour the world – Google Earth is a powerful desktop mapping tool that has many uses in the classroom.  Martin and Sallie welcome back our semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, Gail Potratz, from Emanuel in New London, WI, and we discuss the many uses of the software.

Getting started resources:

Eight uses for Google Earth in ministry:
googleEarth1. History and Literature tours

2. Historical maps

3. Bible land tours

  • Bible Geocoding – Google Earth files of every location mentioned in the Bible organized by chapter and book

4. Geography class

5. WELS locations

6. Map your members and prospects

7. Ocean exploration

8. Astronomy

Ministry resources:

(33:44) Proclaim – Cloud based worship presentations

News in tech:

(34:46) Google Docs Viewer Now Supports 12 More File Formats

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

The featured artist:

(52:55) We close the podcast with the music of Mike Westendorf (www.mikewestendorf.com and mikewestendorf on Twitter) – You Are Amazing from his CD titled ”Undefined”

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