218 – Boundaries

This week on the WELSTech Podcast The Church of Facebook book discussion continues, and Pastor Alan Siggelkow shares his observations of Christians usage of social media.

The discussion:

Our blurry social world – Martin and Sallie continue the current book discussion with a look at Chapter 4 of The Church of Facebook where author Jesse Rice compares the adjustment to this new socially connected world to a blind man who regained his sight after 45 years and didn’t know how to interpret all of the new visual input he was receiving.  In a similar fashion, with no frame of reference for social media usage, it’s hard to know where to draw the lines in terms of privacy, relationships and time management.

The interview:

(18:26) The Christian and social media – Pastor Alan Siggelkow, who serves as the chairman of the synod’s Committee on Mental Health Needs and works as a counselor for Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service, chats with Martin and Sallie about the positive and negative ways that social media can be used by Christians.

Ministry resources:

(36:47) Claim your church in Google Places

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(46:46) Coming up on February 1st we’ll unveil the very first WELSTech 7 Best list, and listeners can be part of the list creation.  Simply let us know your favorite

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(57:51) Episode 219 – Next week on WELSTech we’ll hear from Pastor Tom Koch about online Bible study. (Release date – 01/18/12)

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(58:45) We close the podcast with the music of Corban Creek – Psalm 46 from their CD titled “Could It Be Me”

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