188 – WELS Hacker: Photos and RSS

This week the WELSTech Podcast summer WELS Hacker series continues as we look at a simple way to organize digital photos and helpful tips for Google Reader.

The discussion:

White Hats for Vacation – Continuing the summer WELS Hacker series while squeezing in vacation time, Martin and Sallie are back with more helpful tips (and learning from each other in the process).  This weeks topics are

WELS Hacker

Community feedback:

  • (19:20) Links shared in the WELSTech Diigo group:
    • Browse web site ancient history via the Wayback Machine on archive.org
    • Check out this list of 75 apps to enhance your facebook page
  • It’s time to revisit dotSUB.com and consider how their captioned and translated video niche can benefit your ministry efforts.  Check out their latest newsletter and iOS app.

The featured artist:

(24:05) We close the podcast with the instrumental music of In His Service (www.adagioconcepts.com) – Jesus Lover of My Soul from their CD titled “In His Time”

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