174 – Revisiting WhatAboutJesus.com

This week on the WELSTech Podcast we return to our book discussion and take a closer look at techie outreach resources.

The discussion:

Communication for School Leaders – Listen as Martin and Sallie discuss Chapter 7 of Leading 21st Century Schools which covers tech-based ideas for school leaders to engage parents, alumni, school boards and other “stakeholders” in education initiatives.

Ministry resources:

What About Jesus(13:51) WhatAboutJesus.com – Access and share outreach oriented resources covering questions about Jesus and God, life concerns, introduction to worship, worship helps and much more.

News in tech:

(19:08) iPad2 announcement – Recently Joshua Johnson from Nebraska Evangelical Lutheran High School posted a question on the WELSTech Facebook page looking for 1 to 1 computing recommendations.  If you are considering iPads for 1 to 1 computing in your school, check out these resources:

Picks of the week:

Of interest:

(28:23) FinalWeb Training in New Ulm, MN and Milwaukee, WI

  • FinalWeb for Teachers in New Ulm on June 27 and Milwaukee on August 1 – bit.ly/fw4teachers
  • FinalWeb for Dummies in New Ulm June 28-30 and Milwaukee August 2-4 – bit.ly/fw4dummies

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(46:03) Episode 175 – The Microsoft Office tool set is the discussion topic of the day, and Staff Minister Dan Schoeffel shares his tech favorites. (Release date – 03/16/11)

The featured artist:

(47:20) We close the podcast with the music of Corban Creek  – Psalm 13 from their CD titled ”Could It Be Me”

Get involved:

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