151 – Gail’s Back!

This week WELSTech welcomes back our semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, Gail Potratz, and we talk about technology accountability for teachers.

The discussion:

Technology accountability – After a summer hiatus, Martin and Sallie are happy to welcome back to WELSTech Gail Potratz from Emanuel in New London, WI.  Gail shares her ideas about encouraging teacher technology proficiencies and discusses the plan they will follow in her school this year.

  • Emanuel Lutheran’s Teacher Tech 2010-11 wiki

The interview:

Dr. Bernard Bull(21:12) Information Literacy – Dr. Bernard Bull, Assistant Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin in Mequon, WI, talks with Gail about teaching digital natives to be educators and shares advice for all teachers of today’s digital native students.

  • Standards for the 21st-Century Learner from the American Association of School Librarians
  • Big6 – Teaching information and technology skills

News in tech:

(38:38) Double authentication coming to Google

Picks of the week:

WELS.net feature:

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Community feedback:

  • (59:39) Pastor Emile Burges from Trinity in Caledonia, WI shared a suggestion for a Office Administrator Conference.
  • Terry Baier from First Lutheran in La Crosse, WI is considering  the possibility of collaborating with other congregations to share a software support position
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Coming up on WELSTech:

(1:04:15) Episode 152 – WELSTech addresses “The Evils of E-mail” as we share tips and tricks for managing your overwhelming e-mail inbox. (Release date 10/06/10)

The featured artist:

(1:05:50) We close the podcast with the instrumental music of In His Service (www.adagioconcepts.com) – Thy Strong Word from their CD titled “In His Time”

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  1. Perry Lund
    Perry Lund says:

    Great episode on 21st Century skills. Being involved and using technology now for 30+ years, one observation we all need to make is not to get to enamored with the technologies we use. They will change. There is so much emphasis on Web 2.0 technology right now and 1:1 usage, that educators can not see the forest through the trees. While I love technology, sometime our love of the technology gets in the way of seeing what education is really all about.


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