115 – Has Printing Affected The Church?

This week on the WELSTech podcast Martin and Sallie discuss the significance of print media on culture and the church.

The discussion:

Printing Press

A look back at the power of printing  – Continuing their discussion of Shane Hipps’ book The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture: How Media Shapes Faith, the Gospel, and Church, Martin and Sallie turn their attention to chapter 3 with a look at the implications of print media on culture and more specifically on the church.  Who knew that the printed word would encourage individualistic, objective, abstract and rational thinkers?

Ministry resources:

(20:50) WELS Deaf & Hard of Hearing YouTube channel – Sign language and close captioned videos of The Lord’s Prayer and The Apostle’s Creed

News in tech:

(22:04) Google Docs file storage announcement

Picks of the week:

Of interest:

(28:26) Announcing FinalWeb for Dummies web site training.  Three days of face to face training focusing on developing, designing and maintaining your website with excellence.

  • Milwaukee, WI and New Ulm, MN – March 9-11, 2010
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(35:53) Episode 116 – We welcome back the official WELSTech semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, Gail Potratz, and the topic for the day will be photography in the classroom, including an interview with father-daughter team Pete and Cari Schlosser.  (Release date 01/27/10)

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(36:48) We close the podcast with the music of Mike Westendorf, www.mikewestendorf.com – Follow mikewestendorf on Twitter – Be Still from his CD titled “Color Through The Gray”

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