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684 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: PKM

July kicks off with a continuation of the WELSTech summer series, Tech-Enhanced Ministry. In this episode we concentrate on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Plus, there’s lots to recap from last week’s WELS Education Conference including a slick conference app, digital citizenship resources for faculty, parents, and students, and a Ditch That Textbook inspired digital escape room. Martin even throws in some vocab and emojis to keep things interesting!

The discussion

Cruft-free zone – Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) is the latest topic in the WELSTech summer series, Tech-Enhanced Ministry. Martin and Sallie discuss our “second brain,” tech tools which assist in capturing our knowledge, and the consistency and intentionality that goes into doing it well.

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The Tech-Enhanced Ministry series continues with a discussion of personal learning networks.

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664 – Personal Knowledge Management

In this episode of WELSTech we’re introduced to PKM, an organization method for notes, research, and ideas. In addition, we’re talking about humane technology, sharing Kindle books, and prayer options in the YouVersion Bible app. Plus Martin gives us a mini-German lesson!

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A new acronym – Martin shares insights regarding Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Organizing notes and ideas in a digital “zettelkasten” allows for deeper thinking, leading to expanded knowledge and wisdom.

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