655 – COVID In The Rearview Mirror

On this episode of WELSTech, we close out the school year with guest hosts Rachel and Jason by reflecting on lessons learned. The picks of the week cover everything from scheduling to audio books to texting tools, with a little gaming bonus as well. Rachel shares Bible lesson A/V resources she’s compiled and details about MLC’s free summer conference!

The discussion

Goodbye to school year 2020-21 – Martin and Sallie are joined once again by Prof. Rachel Feld from Martin Luther College and Jason Schmidt from the Oconto Falls School District, and we reflect on lessons learned during this school year and the importance of summer rest for our superhero teachers.

Picks of the week

Ministry resource

Bible Lesson Media Resources

Community feedback

WELS now

OpenLearning@MLC – a free virtual conference hosted by martin Luther College on June 15 & 16

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