363 – GTD Gospel Style

This week on WELSTech our current book discussion, Matt Perman’s What’s Best Next, is back in the spotlight as we look at gospel motivation for getting things done (GTD). Devotions for women by women are featured in today’s WELS Insider segment.

The discussion:

Pastor Rob GuentherEmpty Chair – Sallie’s at the helm of this week’s podcast as Martin recovers from surgery this week. Listeners are invited to send Martin their best wishes for a smooth recovery over on the WELSTech Wiki.

Meanwhile WELSTech goodness carries on as Pastor Rob Guenther from Grace in Kenai, AK spans three time zones to join the conversation. He and Sallie discuss part one of What’s Best Next by Matt Perman

News in tech:

Ministry resources:

Tips & picks of the week:

WELS insider:

  • Devotions for Women from WELS Women’s Ministry

Need to know:

  • WELSTech Conference 2015
  • Donate your iPhone4 to the Malawi Mission

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 364 – Join Sallie as we take a hands on look at making your own Google Site.  (Broadcast date – 10/21/14)

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Luther’s Morning Prayer

Luther’s Evening Prayer

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