271 – Pinterest, Finally!

This week the WELSTech Podcast is going “all in” with Pinterest, today’s top social network for the visually inclined. Listen for ways to use Pinterest to spread the good news!

The discussion:

A picture is worth … – Listen up ladies as WELSTech takes on the female dominated social network sensation, Pinterest. Martin and Sallie discuss the reasons churches may consider having a Pinterest presence and share ideas for pin boards themes that would work well for churches such as special holidays, inspirational imagery, advocating the church town, and a church events scrapbook.

The interview:

(14:05) Pinning the Good News – Katy Klinnert-Ellison, Creative Marketing Manager at Time of Grace, talks with Martin about the development of their Pinterest page and ideas for congregations who want to use Pinterest for outreach.

News in tech:

(30:41) From the Bible Glo Blog – Notes not appearing and other issues related to the latest release

Picks of the week:

WELS.net Features:

(38:54) New Calendar Desktop Wallpapers from Streams

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(51:41) Episode 272 – Tune in next week as we gather a “Podcasting Posse” including Pastor Tom Barthel, Philip Wels and Bob Martens to talk about how to produce your own podcast to spread the gospel. (Release date – 01/22/13)

The featured artist:

(52:25) This week we close with the instrumental music of flutist Jeannine Dennis – Celebration Medley

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