249 – Summer Software Showcase: GloBible

This week on the WELSTech Podcast we look at the multimedia GloBible.

The discussion:

Through the GloBible Lens – Martin and Sallie share the highlights of the unique multimedia GloBible. Check out our past interview with GloBible creator, Nelson Saba, as well as Martin’s video tour of the software.

Ministry Uses

  1. Project the software in Bible class
  2. Use it for personal Bible study and reading plans
  3. Enrich catechism class or school Bible story time
  4. Record screencast videos to “flip” your Bible studies or share a teaser on an upcoming topic
  5. Gift new members or confirmands with a copy

Picks of the week:

7 Best:

(27:30) Send us your favorite Password Management Tips and Tools for inclusion in our September 7 Best list

Community feedback:

  • (27:46) We got great comments on our recent FreeMind episode including another mind mapping software suggestion – XMind
  • Lectionary on Google Calendar
  • MIT + K12
  • Is your school using Chromebooks this year? Let us know! And check out Martin’s Chromebook blog series.
  • Pastor Phil Huebner shared the new school logo for Christ the King in Palm Coast, FL created via the crowd-source logo site, Hatchwise

Coming up on WELSTech:

(39:43) Episode 250 – Next week Martin and Sallie talk about ministry uses for Google Hangouts as our Summer Software Showcase continues. Oh, and we officially launch the video podcast.  Yikes!! (Release date – 08/22/12)

The featured artist:

(41:48)  We close the podcast with the music of Cross To Glory (www.facebook.com/crosstoglory) – My Grace Will Do 

Get involved:

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