610 – The Word And Your Photos

This cat-friendly WELSTech school-year season opener marks the return of our extended format, including news in tech, WELS now, and ministry resources. We’re talking about apps for creating verse images, updates to the Google Lectionary Calendar, and church video connections. Plus, we are happy to welcome Dr. Tom Kuster to the conversation as he shares details on an extended-reality-in-ministry project!

The discussion:

Sample Bible Lens verse image featuring Mia Draper – Click to view larger

Create verse images – A smartphone can fill a key role in church, school, and personal communication efforts. Martin and Sallie discuss the many apps that make it easy to create images with Bible text overlaid, perfect for sharing on social media.

The interview:

How can XR technology be used to serve the Lord? – Dr. Tom Kuster from the Christ in Media Institute shares details on their current XR (extended reality) Project and Festival and how schools can get involved. The first 10 schools to sign up will receive a $200 Oculus-GO VR headset to further their research.

News in tech:

The Google Lectionary Calendar has been updated with the next three church years! Learn more on the WELSTech Wiki.

WELS now:

WELS National Conference on Lutheran Leadership – Register now for early bird pricing

Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

WELSTech Challenge Album – Search flickr using WELSTechPhotoChallenge

Community feedback:

Featured video:

This week we feature a double-header of congregation “Connection” video examples. First up is the Fall 2019 Good Shepherd Connect from Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls, SD.

And second is the September 2019 Pilgrim Connection from Pilgrim, Menomonee Falls, WI.

Get involved:

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