195 – WELS Hacker: Tablets in Ministry

This week the WELSTech Podcast topics center around touch screen tablets, and Pastor Guy Marquardt lends his voice to the discussion.

The interview:

Pastor Guy Marquardt(3:28) Cold Turkey with the iPad – Pastor Guy Marquardt from Christ in Lodi, CA joins Martin and Sallie to discuss a recent post on his iPad in Ministry blog – My two week iPad only experience – which describes his use of the iPad at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Summer Quarter.

The discussion:

(19:46) Tablets continued – This week the WELS Hacker summer series includes discussion by Martin and Sallie about additional ideas for tablet usage.


Community feedback:

The featured artist:

(45:40) We close the podcast with the music of Kevin Loersch – Children of the Heavenly Father/Jesus Loves Me from his CD titled “Abide With Me”

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