067 – Geeking Out In Sallie’s Kitchen

This week the tech talk on the WELSTech podcast centers around group collaboration, the world of the independent Christian artist, and a geeky kitchen dream come true.

The discussion:

Group Effort Web 2.0 Style – Martin and Sallie revisit Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody and focus on chapter 5, “Personal Motivation Meets Collaborative Production”, as they explore the power of one of the core Web 2.0 tools, the wiki.  Listen for ideas on how you can use a wiki in your congregation or school.

  • Wikis in Plain English by CommonCraft
  • Episode 034 focused on wiki tools
  • Sample church ladies organization wiki – hosanna.wetpaint.com

The interview:

Mike WestendorfIndependent Christian Artist (18:22) – WELS musician Mike Westendorf joins Martin and Sallie to talk about getitng started in the music business, the recent CIA Summit for independent Christian artist and the role technology plays in music today.

The tidbits:

New technology showcase (38:30)

  • The “new” Friend Feed – beta.friendfeed.com

Picks of the week (42:25)

WELSTech Desert Island Picks ContestContest – Top 5 Desert Island Software Picks (47:47)

  • Send us the five software titles you wouldn’t want to live without – free or fee, desktop or Web 2.0, anything goes
  • Get us your list via your favorite WELSTech communication channel – e-mail us, leave us a voice mail (414-375-2334), send us a message on facebook or twitter – just get us your top 5 picks!
  • One random entry will receive a $25 gift certificate to the WELSTech store (cafepress.com/welstech)
  • Deadline for entry is Sunday April 26, 2009 @ 11:59 p.m.
  • Listen to WELSTech Episode 069 on April 29th to find out if you are the winner and to experience a virtual desert island of software picks

Community feedback (49:17)

  • Check out the WELSTech listserve archive for a balanced discussion of fee vs. open-source software for school computer usage
  • David Schumann from Peace in Janesville, WI shared his success with recycling old hardware with Linux
  • The #WELSTech Twitter conversation this week included
  • John Simonson from Good Shepherd in West Bend, WI suggested incorporating a call to action link on church sites – “Why join?” or “Why attend?”
  • Dan Schoeffel from St. Paul’s in Onalaska, WI shared a link to their Drupal members only site – members.stpaulsonalaska.org
    • We discussed Drupal in a episode 047 and have a page on the WELSTech wiki dedicated to Drupal
    • Take a sneak peek at the new Drupal-based WELS.net – beta.wels.net
  • David Savatski from WELS Missions added a presentation tips section to the WELSTech wiki
  • Greg Letiecq shared a “He Is Risen” video clip. Find it on the WELSTech wiki, posted using drop.io/welstech.

Coming up on WELSTech (1:04:32)

  • Episode 068 – It’s time to make plans for a summer of learning.  Gail Potratz will join us to discuss a multitude of opportunities for personal enrichment.  And we’ll wrap up our interview with Mike Westendorf.

The featured artist:

This week we close with WELS artist Mike Westendorf (www.mikewestendorf.com) – Prelude to Praise from his newest CD titled Color Through the Gray (1:06:20)

Get involved:

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