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662 – From LEGOs to Email

WELSTech is back with LEGO news and a wrap up of the book discussion of A World Without Email. Martin shares a free tool for creating diagrams and flowcharts, and the community mail bag includes the ability to ride along with a raindrop. Did we mention LEGOs?

The discussion

Every techie loves LEGOs, so it’s appropriate we offer huge WELSTech congrats to Caleb and Jacob Schilling, WELS members recently featured on Season 2 of LEGO Masters.

Protocols & Specialization – Martin and Sallie conclude the discussion of A World Without Email by Cal Newport with practical suggestions for improving workflow and moving away from the hyperactive hive mind way of working.

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A new season of WELSTech kicks off, loaded with all kinds of WELSTech goodness, of course! We welcome guest hosts Rachel Feld and Jason Schmidt as well as Paul Patterson from the Lutheran Schools Office who will preview the upcoming WELS Education Conference 2022. All that, and we’re adding video to the show too!

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661 – Adding Value to Information

This week on WELSTech, we resume the book discussion of A World Without Email by Cal Newport with chapters 4 & 5, all about knowledge work processes. Martin shares his first blog post in a “Getting Into Vlogging” series, and Sallie has news about free Bible verse motion video content for church screens.

Ford assembly line, 1913 – via Wikipedia

The discussion

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Manage the Workflow – Martin and Sallie share thoughts on chapters 4 & 5 of A World Without Email by Cal Newport, which begins to explore improved options for knowledge workers to offset the hyperactive hive mind.

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The book discussion concludes with a discussion of chapters 6 & 7 and the conclusion of A World Without Email by Cal Newport.

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380 – Projects

This week on WELSTech we look at project management software. From special events to school initiatives to worship planning, there are many large, multi-faceted projects to oversee in the church and school setting, and project management software may be the solution to that need.

The interview and discussion:

jWagenknecht145x125Project management – Churches and schools can benefit from the organizational and collaborative capabilities of project management software. Martin and Sallie are joined by WELSTech Conference presenter, Julia Wagenknecht, to discuss uses for the various project management software solutions.

Task Management

Online Project Management

Mind Mapping

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Episode 381 – We welcome teacher Gail Potratz to the conversation as the series WELSTech Goes Back To School continues with a focus on Language Arts resources for all grade levels. (2/24/15)

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We’ve dedicated a brand new WELSTech YouTube playlist to Lenten Hymns and Music by Koine, and we feature their song O, Dearest Jesus to usher in the Lenten season


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