190 – WELS Hacker: iPads and Mouseless Browsing

This week the WELSTech Podcast summer WELS Hacker series continues with a look at Sallie’s iPad only experience as well as time saving keyboard shortcuts for your browser.

The discussion:

Putting it in writing – The summer WELS Hacker series features a discussion of recent blog posts by Martin Spriggs and Sallie Draper in which they share personal tips, tricks and productivity boosters.  This week’s topics are

iPads and Mouseless Browsing

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(26:55) Episode 191 – Martin promised “Chef’s Surprise” for next week’s WELS Hacker topic while Sallie committed to an insider’s look at Diigo Lists.  (Release date – 07/06/11)

The featured artist:

(27:18) We close the podcast with the music of Revelation, a music ministry of Wisconsin Lutheran College (www.revelationwlc.com) – Agnus Dei from their “More Than Conquerors” CD

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