Episode 024 – Jun 18 2008

This week on WELSTech Martin and Sallie review several tools for web-based information collection. Then they shift gears and talk with Jeffrey Clark about creating and using computer-generated midi music for worship.

The discussion:

The interview:

The tidbits:

  • This week’s picks (35:21)
  • WELS.net feature (43:33)
    • Streams Podcasts – streams.wels.net/podcasts
  • Of interest (46:15)
    • Parents Crosslink chat – Death and children
      • Tuesday, June 24 @ 8 p.m. CDT
      • www.wels.net/jump/chat
  • Community feedback (47:01)
    • Do you have an effective solution for printing your church or school calendar? Join the discussion on the WELSTech listserve.

The featured artist:

  • This week we close with the music of Revelation (www.revelationwlc.com) – Via Dolorosa from their CD titled Once For All (48:20)

Get involved:

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