by Ryan Rosenthal, grade 7 teacher & Technology Coordinator at Faith, Fond du Lac, WI – November 14, 2014

The Ziggi HD USB Document Camera is a new purchase for us. We purchased two a few weeks ago. At $94 each, they were much cheaper than their competitors. The camera is very simple to set up and operate. It took me less than 5 minutes to unpack it, install the software and figure out how to use it. The camera is fairly simple to use. The automatic settings for focus and exposure do a nice job of giving you good picture quality. The stand bends at several places and allows you to move the camera to just about any position you would like, including spinning the camera head 270 degrees. The software also lets you flip the image and zoom up to 8x. However, most of what you want to do can be accomplished by moving the camera around. The cord is a few feet long so I also purchased a 10 meter usb extension cable. This lets us move just about anywhere in the room with the camera. The software will let you take pictures, but if you want video, you will need a 3rd party solution. There is a built in microphone but I have not used that yet. So far, for the price, it has been exactly what we wanted.

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