Micheal Wisniewski, Teacher and Technology Coordinator at Abiding Word Lutheran School in Houston, TX, shared his experience with Unifi Wifi Access Points …

unifiLogoAt Abiding Word we are implementing a one to one chromebook program in grades 5-8 starting in fall 2014. Our wifi network comprised of consumer grade linksys routers and was not working. I began seeking a WELS school budget friendly solution.

I discovered the Unifi access points made by Ubiquiti. I was afraid they were too cheap to work but I was wrong. They are great. Setup is easy and the free software based controller is intuitive. There are several YouTube videos up to help users configure if you are a complete novice.

We purchased a three pack of the Unifi AP Pro model which was a little over $600. Three enterprise wifi devices by cisco, ruckus, or meru would cost over $1500 for comparison not including the price of a hardware controller. The system simply works. I have had as many as 80 connected devices on the network without any issues (over 30 on one device). I am super impressed.

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