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TrelloI know you’ve discussed Trello in the past. I wanted to share that the One Latin American Mission Team (1 LA) is proposing to use Trello for their project management and team collaboration.

Some of the benefits of Trello include a free online platform that connects team members who are spread out among several countries as well as providing real-time updates and status of current tasks. At the moment, Trello is only in English, but plans are in place to expand into other languages.

Some of the team’s settings include: projects and phases of projects plotted as boards, major actitives and events marked as lists, the specific tasks captured as cards containing the details as checklists. A brief summary of guidelines for the 1 LA team is in the works.

At the moment, I am the tech resource for the 1 LA team as I’ve had experience using Trello in my past position at WELS Kingdom Workers and currently with my husband, Missionary Nate Wagenknecht, for family projects with finances, our recent move, home improvement, etc… Last week, I led a training session where each participant created a board and invited the other participants and myself (the instructor). As the instructor, I was able to offer hands-on training without sharing my screen, but by observing all my participants’ screens. Based on the participants’ feedback, I think it was a success, and we plan to move forward with session two, covering advanced features of Trello (like linking Trello tasks to Google Calendar), after the members have mastered all the features we covered in session 1.

I think Trello could be a valuable tool to many ministry teams as well as individuals!

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