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718 – How to Host a Webinar

Webinars may be just the platform your ministry needs to spread a message or host an event. On this episode of WELSTech, we dig into webinar’s purpose and logistics. And we welcome Women’s Ministry to the conversation as executive committee member Rachel Halldorson takes us on a “backstage” tour of their recent webinars. Martin has a pick that will really stick with you, and there’s lots to discuss in WELS Intersections.

The discussion & interview

Webinars 101 – Martin and Sallie are joined by Rachel Halldorson from WELS Women’s Ministry Executive Committee as we discuss what it takes to host ministry-related webinars. The to-to list includes panelist, equipment, promotion, extra hands for moderation and crowd control, and more.

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Women’s Ministry webinars

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Celebrate Leap Day, WELSTech-style with Martin & Sallie, as we leap back in time in 4-year increments.

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640 – Zoom Done Right

This week on WELSTech we talk about using Zoom video conferencing in ministry. The 2020 Gospel Outreach with Media Conference kicks off with some very interesting presentations, WELS Congregational Services has a brand new Evangelism kit to share, and we explore new software and app capabilities to make your ministry and life easier.

The discussion

Unexpected ministry platform – When we started the year of podcasting there’s no way we could have predicted the exponential usage of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms in ministry. Martin details best practices for using Zoom.

The interview

Zoom first-hand – Pastor Philip Casmer from Christ the Lord, Brookfield, WI shares his experience using Zoom for Bible class.

Picks of the week

Ministry resource

Visit the Gospel Outreach with Media 2020 Conference (gowm.org), now through November 9, for interesting approaches to sharing the Good News including …

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Watch the recent Together video update and check out new resources from WELS Congregational Services

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Rebranding and Atomic Habits – Make It Attractive (chapters 8-10)

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