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694 – One Button Dissertations

WELSTech is back with our Incredibles of EdTech series. We welcome Rachel Feld to the discussion of multi-purpose tools that would make Elastigirl proud. MLC Spring registration is open, there’s still room for you at the Lutheran Leadership Conference, and picks of the week includes buttons for all things, including starting your car, and a presentation zooming utility.


The discussion

Tools to do it all – Prof. Rachel Feld from Martin Luther College joins Martin and Sallie this week as we continue our school year series – The Incredibles of EdTech. Just like Elastigirl, the discussion features versatile tools which can stretch to fill many edtech needs.

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Martin Luther College Continuing Education/Graduate Studies Spring 2023 classes

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Communication planning with Wendy Kuschel

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591 – Digital Side Doors

WELSTech is opening doors – digital side doors to church – this week. Listen for ideas about digital places and ways for people to get acquainted with your church before walking through the front door. Martin taught Alexa to read the Bible in three years, your sci-fi phone of the future is coming soon, and Koiné Worship Media has resources for Lent and Easter. All this, and more on today’s show!

The interview:

Making connections – Pastor Peter Hagen, from Resurrection in Maumee, OH and the podcast Raised With Jesus, shares his ideas regarding “digital side doors” to church, connecting physical and digital church activities with the ultimate goal of connecting people to God’s Word.

News in tech:

Foldable Phones from Samsung and Huawei

WELS now:

Listen to WELS Through My Bible in Three Years on Alexa

Picks of the week:

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Koiné Worship Media

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Featured video:

We begin the season of Lent with Koiné Worship Media’s He Stood Before the Court – with musical notation. Register for a free account and download Lent and Easter worship resources.

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Episode 592 – Learn how to build a church intranet with Trello.  Release date: Wednesday, March 13.

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504 – I Remember Those Funny Codes

WELSTech’s summer series, featuring Ministry Resources, continues this week. Apple makes an interesting move which causes us to take another look at the QR Codes for church and school communication. We also bring you good news regarding sharing Google Photo libraries as well as repurposing sermon content in creative ways.

The discussion:

Point and shoot – The release of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 11, includes a camera update to recognize QR (Quick Response) Codes natively. Perhaps it’s time to take a second look at Communicating with QR Codes.

Picks of the week:

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Featured video:

Enjoy Koine’s version of Lord, When Your Glory I Shall See, new on the WELSTech Music playlist on YouTube.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 505 – Tune in for the latest installment of our summer ministry resources series. Release date: Wednesday, July 12.

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Communicating with QR Codes

QR Codes are a communication/call to action method which has existed for over two decades but has failed to garner major adoption. Until now! Recently it was revealed that the upcoming version of iPhone software, iOS 11, will include a camera enhancement that will automatically scan QR Codes. This will eliminate the need for separate QR Code scanning app (I currently use Scan). The need for a special app added to the QR Code “geek factor” and kept many away from using the shortcut tool. With that requirement eliminated, nothing should stand between getting your great communication out to many people.


Consider these ideas for integrating QR Codes into your ministry communication plans:

  1. Presentation resources – For Bible Class or classroom presentations, keep handouts simple and use a QR Code to point people to online resources.
  2. Event advertising – Include a QR code on fliers and pamphlets advertising events so those interested can quickly access online information and registration.
  3. WiFi access information – Does your church or school have a guest WiFi network? Store the credentials in a QR code and post or handout the code to grant access.
  4. Scavenger hunt – Scavenger hunts are always a fun fellowship activity for all ages. Hide QR codes (with text clues which lead to the next code) around your church, school or event location.
  5. Parent resources – Add a page or pages to your website which are dedicated to parent resources, and include the QR Code for the page on a handout and in your newsletter.

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