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585 – So You Feel Like Google Can Do More For You?

This week on WELSTech we’re talking Google in so many ways! Professor James Carlovsky joins Martin and Sallie to preview his Google-centric presentation at the upcoming #EdTechLead19 Summit. Plus, there’s Google news and a Google ministry resource that every church and school should make use of.

The interview:

Do more with Google – Professor James Carlovsky from Martin Luther College shares details about his upcoming presentation at WELS Education, Technology, and Leadership Summit. Tune in to hear why James thinks the Google platform is a good fit for churches and schools.

News in tech:

Google Hangouts retirement timeline

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Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

Google My BusinessHelp

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Featured video:

Learn How To Setup Google My Business For Maximum Results.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 586 – Jason Schmidt joins our edtech discussion of Faithfully Connected, chapter 4 – Digital Literacy.  Release date: Wednesday, January 30.

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