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lubuntu-logo-webLubuntu is a free operating system based on the popular Ubuntu. The current version, 14.04, has long term support (3 years of security updates). It is specifically designed to be lightweight, with the ability to revive old PCs and Netbooks. Currently, I’m using it to run my early 2009 Eee PC netbook.

What I Like About Lubuntu

What I like most about Lubuntu is its speed and simplicity. It has most of the configuration you’d want, but mostly it just gets out of the way. It really has made my old Netbook into a computer that I use regularly again. If you run it on a higher end PC it really flies.

Also, since it is based on Ubuntu, almost anything you can do on Ubuntu can be done on Lubuntu, which really lessens the limitations and expands that community of people who have done what you are trying to do, and have an answer for you online…just a Google search away.


Most of the issues with this OS are not unique to Lubunutu, but are something you accept moving to a Linux environment: programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc, are not available on this OS. There are suitable replacements for most programs, but it is a compromise.

Further Consideration

Since Windows XP is no longer supported and it is a security risk to keep using it, Lubuntu can be a great replacement to allow you to use your old computer safely. The user interface is very straightforward and act very much like Windows XP. (In fact, there is a Windows XP skin you can apply to the desktop.)

The other great use I can recommend is to use it to run a media server. It is a small OS, so it doesn’t eat up valuable disk space, but it is also powerful enough and compatible to run Plex or other popular server software, while giving you the ability to use the browser or other functionality.

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