Michael Plocher, Teacher and Technology Director at St. Paul’s Lutheran School in New Ulm, MN, shares his experience with Bright Blue Intelligent Access Management System …

sbbAt St. Paul’s there are about a hundred different people who need individual access the school at various times throughout the year. Keeping students safe during the school day is also a concern. Because of these issues our school safety committee recommended we look into automating the doors to our school so that we can provide access to those who need it while at the same time increasing the level of security for the students, faculty and staff in our building.

We purchased Schlage Bright Blue technology that included a 5-amp power supply ($480), and 3-amp power supply ($430). These provide power to door relays and circuit boards that control and monitor doors. We also purchased the Bright Blue Reader Controller ($1300), door readers ($80 ea.), keyfobs ($4 ea.) and proximity cards ($2 ea.).

The Reader Controller we purchased allows support for up to 32 doors and 5000 users. It is connected to our school’s network and provides web browser access to a menu where you can create events, manage users, monitor doors, and review reports regarding access times and dates. Video can be included but we have another system that handles that for us. Through the OpenVPN app on my phone I am able to log in to our school network from anywhere I have cell service and unlock or lock doors. We provide a key card to the milk delivery person, Sysco food systems delivery person, UPS, USPS and FedEx. These cards can only be be used at certain times and on certain days. Cards are also included in various fire, law enforcement and rescue vehicles in town. We have had this system in place for about five years and have been happy with it. Since our purchase Schlage sold Bright Blue to Vanderbilt Industries.

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