394 – Touring the Backlot!

It’s WELSTech time again, and this week viewers are in for a treat as Martin and Sallie are together in the WELS studio for a professional multi-camera production. The discussion topic is live streaming, Sallie’s got a new gadget grid, and Martin shares great plugins for church webmasters.

The discussion:

LiveFromTheCMM145x125Tune in to Channel 6 – Martin and Sallie are broadcasting from the new WELS studio at the Center for Mission and Ministry in Waukesha, WI. They share a quick studio tour and not one, not two, but three lists related to live streaming!

5 Questions To Ask
  1. Who is your audience?
  2. Why will they watch?
  3. What is the content?
  4. When? – Live and/or archived
  5. Who will “own” it?
5 Things You Must Do
  1. Nail the audio
  2. Get smart about lighting
  3. Have a workable budget
  4. Learn basic production techniques
  5. Promote
5 Ways To Live Stream
  1. Livestream – $1,000 per year on the WELS account
  2. YouTube – Free
  3. Google Hangouts – Free
  4. Streamingchurch.tv – $1,200 per year
  5. FinalWeb – $400 per year
  • Join us in person for WELSTech’s 400th, live at WELSTech Conference 2015, July 9 – 11 in Waukesha, WI
    • Register by June 1
    • Congrats to our $25 Amazon gift card raffle winner, Pastor Nate Wagenknecht – He’ll be at the conference presenting on “Creating Christian Community”

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Episode 395 – While Martin is away, Jason Schmidt guest hosts with Sallie for the last installment of the WELSTech Goes to School series. Watch and participate on 06/02/15 @ 4 pm Central – welstechlive.wels.net

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For your listening pleasure, we’re featuring The Vine Brother’s Sing, Sing, Sing video, the newest addition to the WELSTech Music playlist on YouTube (Special shout out to Sallie’s nephew, Garrett Jones, on bass!)

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