133 – Great Classroom Websites

This week on the WELSTech podcast Martin and Gail discuss classroom websites and trips to the moon.

The discussion:

Focusing on classroom sites – Martin is joined by the WELSTech semi-regular classroom technology correspondent, Gail Potratz, from Emanuel in New London, WI and they discuss three uses for classroom sites including posting resources for kids and parents as well as making connections to a global audience.  Listen for tips to satisfy all those needs and project a great view of your classroom for the online school shoppers.

  • FinalWeb Training in Milwaukee, WI and New Ulm, MN
  • We Remember – Vietnam War tribute web site by Gail’s 8th graders

The interview:

Cris Ladwig(16:20) Learn from a Pro – Fourth grade teacher Cris Ladwig from Emanuel in New London, WI talks with Gail about the success of her classroom web site.  Ease of communication is the goal!

  • Visit Cris’ classroom site

News in tech:

Picks of the week:

  • (39:50) Diigo Groups for classrooms
  • DoubleTwist – a unifying media platform that connects consumers with all their media and all their devices

Community feedback:

(47:05) Visit the WELSTech Listserve to learn more about library software and add your comments

Coming up on WELSTech:

(49:43) Episode 134 – Steven Stelter of Stelter Design joins the conversation to share his knowledge on logo design and development of a “brand”. (Release date 06/02/10)

The featured artist:

(50:40) We close the podcast with the music of The Branches Band (www.branchesband.com) – Holy Spirit from their CD titled “Sing, My Tongue”

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