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Visitor Follow Up With Mailchimp Email Automation

Technology has provided many opportunities to improve visitor follow up in churches everywhere. From prospect/visitor databases to easy-to-download new resident lists to wonderful tools like Mailchimp, the Evangelism team at your church has a lot of options and tools available to them. Today I wanted to highlight one pastor’s approach to using one of the most useful features of Mailchimp — Automation.

Please be sure to watch the video below for all the details, but here are some of the reasons I think this “Rookie Preacher” has put together a great approach to visitor follow up through email.

  1. This method uses Mailchimp to send out five strategic emails to visitors over a one month period. The timing is important. Getting an email out the next day, then a few more during the week, and finally some a couple of weeks from the first visit seems like enough to keep your church in front of them, but not overwhelm them or make you appear too “pushy.”
  2. I like the use of a pastor’s welcome message as the main subject of the first email. It makes the contact a little more personal. If they view the video they hear a real person with a real message specifically for the visitor.
  3. The second email makes use of another technology from Survey Monkey. I think a great next contact after a warm welcome is a chance for them to react or respond to a short, non-threatening survey. You get good feedback and leave a positive message that you value what they have to say. You are making a rather sterile encounter more interactive.
  4. In later emails you have a chance to introduce some more personal opportunities for the visitor to connect with your members through invitations to Bible studies, small group studies, etc. Chances are the visitor didn’t make any strong personal connections after a worship service. But if your church has places where this is possible, that might be exactly what some are looking for. In this communication you can list some of those, perhaps with some personal testimonials that again make it more “friendly.”
  5. The fact that this is all automated will make this more feasible for some churches, especially if you have a lot of visitors. This of course may not take the place of personal follow up. But I can see this strategy as something to augment that. People are hard to reach these days. This may be the only contact you have with them.
  6. Mailchimp is such a great tool to consider. It is fairly inexpensive. It has great analytics, so you can tell if your efforts are paying off. And using a subscription service allows anyone to easily “unsubscribe” from any future communication, thus respecting their privacy if they wish to not hear from you again.

Again, be sure to watch the video. It is rather short, but informative and perhaps inspirational if you are looking to improve your visitor follow up.

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296 – eBook Ch 3: About Us and You

Today on the WELSTech Podcast Martin and Sallie talk about making your guests feel welcome when they visit your church and school websites. There’s a fun look at a multitasking breakthrough, news from ISTE and lots of community feedback as well.

The discussion:

(3:28) Chrome multitasking – You won’t want to miss the latest and greatest from Google – google.com/chrome/multitask

(5:44) About Us & Visitor’s Guide – After two episodes of Google Summit coverage, we’re back with the WELSTech 2013 Summer series – Church & School Website Content. This week Martin and Sallie tackle the important content that makes a site visitor feel welcome and want to learn more about your church or school.

News in tech:

(15:47) Microsoft Giving Away 10,000 Surface Tablets at ISTE

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

Coming up on WELSTech:

(42:59) Episode 297 – Martin and Sallie forge ahead with chapter four of our summer eBook – Events & Announcements. (Release date – 07/09/13)

The featured artist:

(43:40) We close the podcast with the music of Dawn Michelle Williams (www.dawnmichellewilliams.com | Twitter | Facebook) – Where I Belong

Get involved: