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626 – Working From Home

WELSTech is “safer at home” this week with a focus on making the most of your remote work environment and routines. This episode also includes a preview of Easter Sunday’s “Together at the Empty Tomb” live streaming event plus other updates and tech support for ministry efforts during COVID-19.

The discussion:

Adjusting to work “safer at home” – Martin and Sallie discuss their shift to working from home and share techniques to consider as you make the transition including healthy habits, workspace considerations, communication advice, and more.

News in tech:

Zoom security and privacy questions

WELS now:

Together at the Empty Tomb – Synod-wide Easter service Sunday at 6 pm Central

Picks of the week:

Ministry resource:

As we face COVID-19 – Updates from WELS

Community feedback:

Exporting audio from video

Featured videos/online course:

View President Mark Schroeder’s Palm Sunday Message

And a preview of the Easter evening (at 6 pm Central) Together at the Empty Tomb

Next time:

Jason Schmidt shares some “safer at home” edtech sunshine.

Get involved: