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699 – An Invisible Superpower

Things are lively on this week’s WELSTech as we return to our Incredibles of EdTech series. Tech infrastructure is the focus, and we learn about challenges and strategies for managing this invisible force. Outreach, working genius, chair wheels, and grammar are just a few of the other topics which fill to overflowing this episode. Enjoy!


The discussion

Invisible Infrastructure – The podcast table has 5 seats this week as we welcome our semi-regular classroom technology correspondents, Prof. Rachel Feld, Director of Academic Computing and Online Learning from Martin Luther College (MLC), and Jason Schmidt, Executive Director of Wisconsin Virtual School, along with special guest Bob Martens, Director of Information Technology at MLC.

We continue with the third installment of our school year series – The Incredibles of EdTech. Like Violet, the oldest Incredible child, whose superpower is invisibility, tech infrastructure is an invisible, yet incredibly important, component of educational technology. Bob is freshly off teaching a new MLC Graduate Studies course on the topic and shares details about what’s involved, determining expectations, and partnering with local experts to support ever-changing infrastructure needs.

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Join us for a very special episode as WELSTech turns 700! We’ll take a look at tech in ministry, then and now.

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