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WELSTech 716: All The Hats

716 – All The Hats

Welcome to WELSTech in 2024! We kick off the new year with a discussion of the challenges around coordinating our many digital personas for work, home, church, and more. NPH has a new book discussion group, Martin has a new-found appreciation of Goodnotes, and we share have a great cheat sheet to get you started with online form creation.

WELSTech 716: All The HatsThe discussion

Staying atop your digital life – From work, home, and church to volunteer responsibilities and extended family, our digital lives overflow with email, tasks, and calendar events. Martin and Sallie discuss their tech solutions for managing and shifting between the varied roles they play.

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Our edtech gurus, Rachel and Jason, are back to discuss AI prompts from chapters 6 & 7 of The AI Classroom.

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