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259 – Christ In Media

WELSTech hits the road this week as Martin and Sallie interview leaders of the recent Media Outreach in World Missions Conference from the beautiful Media Arts Studio on the campus of Bethany Lutheran College!

The discussion:

Conference recap – Martin and Sallie review highlights of the Media Outreach in World Missions Conference held recently at Bethany Lutheran College. There participants from around the world joined in discussions about using technology to collaborate and produce creative content for sharing the Gospel message with all people!

Four of the conference leaders sat down with Martin and Sallie to share their thoughts on the challenges presented at the conference.

The discipleship challenge with Paul Hartman:

(8:18) Pastor Paul Hartman, director of WELS Multi-Language Publications, has a vision for sharing God’s Word with the world which includes creative usage of technology. Pastor Hartman shares his thoughts on nurturing Christians from a distance.

The cultural challenge with John Lawrenz:

(21:25) Dr. John Lawrenz from Asia Lutheran Seminary has experienced more cultures than WELSTech listeners have experienced different versions of operating systems, and he shares his thoughts on how to bridge cultural challenges to sharing the Gospel.

Picks of the week:

The creative and technological challenges with Jas Lonnquist and Mike Klebig:

(44:45) Husband and wife team Mike Klebig and Jas Lonnquist are members of Apostles in San Jose, CA and “Godly Geeks” who were moved to action as they implemented media solutions in their own congregation and then shared those solutions with others. They talk with Martin and Sallie about right-brain creativity and left-brain tech solutions.

Coming up on WELSTech:

(1:12:12) Episode 260 – EdTech week on WELSTech returns with a special twist! Not only will we be joined by our semi-regular co-host Jason Schmidt and have a great interview with teacher John Dorn about using Edmodo in the classroom, but listeners can also look forward to WELSTech “going global” as Martin joins our Hangout from Hong Kong! (Release date – 10/30/12)

The featured artist:

(1:14:05) This week we close the podcast with the Reformation music of Koine (www.koinemusic.com | Facebook) – God’s Word Is Our Great Heritage

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