April 2023 – Karl Birkenfjäll shared info on the streaming setup he uses for the Lutheran Confessional Church of Sweden.

Hello. I thought it might be interesting for you that I share some of the technology I bring with me and use every Sunday to stream the service at the Lutheran Confessional Church of Sweden, Stockholm . Here’s an example of what it might look like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utT4DhkJoSc&t=1325s

I work mostly alone, so it is a challenge to make all things exact in time… (I will use better microphones for song and instruments soon. SM58 & 57 is a safe card to use then)

I use a lot of different things. In this latest setup including a pair of Sennheiser AVX lavalier and a couple of Rode Wireless Go II (with inbuilt auto recording as extra backup) with Mixpre 6 II and connected AUX out to an Atomos Ninja V recording 4K and 4 channel audio on a SSD, which in turn goes to BMD Atem mini Extreme ISO and streamed via OBS Studio on MacBook Pro (in combo with many plugins and PPT, Rouge Amoeba Loopback and more) and finally also streaming audio to Podbean from Mixpre’s USB-C. The AVX latency is no problem because it takes a while for the signal to record 4K on the Ninja V (only one frame to change). I can control Mixpre´s gains and faders and more with a Korg nanokontrol 2. Elgato Streamdeck controls OBS Studio and Atem mini if needed. It has to be as light as possible and quick to setup and take down because we hire a room every sunday. Mixpre´s Noise assist plugin is really great by the way. But I also have Izotope RX10 adv. for postproduction, but most of the work with RX is to fix older tape recordings (A BeyerDynamic DT 1770 Pro headphone is my choice to use with RX10). I also use Da Vinci Resolve and Premiere. The cams I use is Fujifilm XT-4 with 50-140 lens. Sorry about my bad English.

Sweden streaming equipment

Sweden streaming setup