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679 – Prison Ministry Tech

Tune in to this week’s WELSTech for an update on the work of WELS Special Ministries including new technology advances for reaching out to those in prison and the need for volunteers to assist with the effort. Martin is upping his keyboard ante with a gamer model that isn’t very quiet. Details on the upcoming Women’s Ministry conference as well as a helpful new Google Calendar feature are also in the mix.

The discussion

Pastor James Behringer, Administrator for WELS Special Ministries, shares updates on prison ministry technology plus other news from the many avenues of Special Ministries with Martin and Sallie.

Ministry Resource

WELS Women’s Ministry Conference

  • Won to be One – Ephesians
  • July21-23, 2022
  • Luther Preparatory School, Watertown, WI

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606 – Women’s Ministry

Beat the summer heat with the cool voices of Martin and Sallie on this week’s WELSTech. We take a look at WELS Women’s Ministry, yet another area where WELS Congregational Services supports ministry. Martin alerts us to an “iconic” celebration, plus Sallie shares tips for recording on the go.

The discussion:

Living Stones – Fresh off attendance at WELS Women’s Ministry Conference, Sallie shares her experience. Check out resources from the conference and learn more about Women’s Ministry at wels.net/womens-ministry.

Interviews include …

  • Michelle Birschbach – Breakout leader on the topic “Professing Your Faith: When Water Cooler Talk Can Land You in Hot Water”
  • Alycia Cameron – First-time conference attendee and women’s ministry leader at St. Paul in Howard’s Grove, WI.
  • Pastor Donn Dobberstein – Administrator of WELS Discipleship and breakout leader on the topic “How do I …? Equipping Christian Women for Action”

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Featured video:

Enjoy archived videos of all devotions, worship and keynote speakers from the WELS Women’s Ministry Conference, courtesy of Luther Preparatory School. Watch Pastor Mike Novotny’s kick-off keynote, focused on 1 Peter 2:4-5.

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483 – Holy Hen House

This week on WELSTech, Amanda Rose, founding member of Holy Hen House, talks to us about women’s ministry and how God has blessed their humble efforts. We continue our focus on ministry resources by exploring just how easy it is to create and publish a vlog (Video Blog).

The interview and discussion:

Chatter that matters – WELSTech welcomes Amanda Rose, the head “Hen” over at Holy Hen House. Listen as Amanda shares the background on their blogging effort which God has blessed and turned into so much more. The group connects with others via technology, but the focus is relationship and mentoring so face-to-face meetups and events have become an important part of their efforts.

WELS now:

Registration is underway for the 54th LWMS Convention, happening June 22-25 in Orlando, FL

News in tech:

A guide to Friday’s comet eclipse full moon triple feature

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Ten Tips for Vlogging

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The newest addition on the WELSTech Music YouTube playlist is Immanuel (From The Squalor of a Borrowed Stable) sung by David Wesley, a recommendation from Bread for Beggars.

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Episode 484 – Tune in for the next installment in the WELSTech Social Media for Ministry series focusing on the use of Facebook. Release date: Wednesday, February 15.

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