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051 – A Conversation with the President

This week on WELSTech synod President Mark Schroeder joins Martin and Sallie to discuss the synod and its use of technology to further the gospel message.

The interview:

  • President Mark SchroederA conversation with the President (2:25) – In a special Christmas Eve interview, WELS President Mark Schroeder talks with Martin and Sallie about what he’s learned in the year and a half since he became president, how technology is assisting with the work of the synod, and how he sees it being used in the future.

The tidbits:

  • Coming up on WELSTech (25:30)
    • Episode 052 – Tune in for our 2008 countdown of best and worst picks of the year

The featured artist:

  • We close with music of WELS pianist, Dawn Gehlhar – Silent Night from her CD titled Christmas Dreams (26:40)

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