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680 – Screens & Video Games

Spring has finally arrived on WELSTech, and with that comes graduation season. We are excited to hear from two soon to be assigned seminary seniors about their tech in ministry research projects. We also have outreach ideas, technology curriculum, event updates, security hardware, and library software recommendations to share.

The discussion

Seminary Senior Theses – Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Seniors Eric Zabell and David Ticks join Martin and Sallie to discuss their tech-in-ministry related senior thesis topics.

Ministry Resource

12 Great Church Outreach Ideas for Summer from Outreach.com

Pick of the week

Community news & feedback

  • Taste of Missions – June 11 – Sign up for the in-person or virtual event
  • Graduation events are coming soon!
    • Martin Luther College
      • Commencement Concert – May 13 @ 7 pm
      • Graduation – May 14 @ 10 am
      • Graduate Assignment – May 14 @ 2:30 pm
    • Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
      • Vicar Assignment – May 25 @ 7 pm
      • Graduate Assignment – May 26 @ 10 am
      • Commencement Concert – May 26 @ 7 pm
      • Graduation – May 27 @ 10 am
  • Library software solution

Get involved

Episode 005 – Feb 6 2008

This week Martin and Sallie discuss using technology to assist with ministry to seniors – a growing demographic segment of WELS congregations. They also wrap up the copyright interview with WELS lawyer Harvey Dunn.

The discussion:

  • Technology in senior ministry – How can technology assist in ministry to senior citizens? Martin and Sallie look at stats on this growing demographic and explore usability issues as well as ideas for engaging seniors through technology.
    • Jakob Nielsen article – Usability for Senior Citizens
    • Share podcast worship resources
      • Streams – Daily Devotions, Through my Bible in 3 Years, Sermons
      • Listing of WELS congregational audio video resources – www.wels.net/jump/onlineworship
    • Microsoft Photo Story – Produce photo slide shows to share on a laptop with shut ins

The interview:

  • CopyrightCopyright – In the second installment of a two part interview, Harvey Dunn, WELS member and intellectual property attorney, joins Martin and Sallie to discuss public domain and web broadcast issues

The tidbits:

  • This week’s picks
  • WELS.net feature
  • Happenings
    • Parent’s Crosslink open chat – February, 11 @ 7 p.m. – www.wels.net/jump/chat
    • Easter radio on Streams
  • Community feedback
    • From Matt Weseloh, Great Plains Lutheran High School, Watertown, SD – Questions about configuring a school gymnasium sound system – Share your ideas and experience

The featured artist:

  • WELS contemporary Christian musician Kevin Loersch in a duet with Cindy Bauder singing My Savior Jesus from his CD Abide With Me – web.mac.com/kloersch

Get involved: