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395 – School’s Out

This week we’re Martin-less on WELSTech, but no worries as Jason Schmidt co-hosts with Sallie and brings his excellent edtech experience to the show. The discussion covers great web sites for Art, Typing, Research and Internet Safety plus Digital Citizenship. Jason shares a 3d printer deal for schools, and we have an awesome school promotional video to spark video promo ideas for others!

The discussion:

WELSTech Goes To SchoolSeries End – Jason Schmidt, WELSTech’s sunny semi-regular edtech guest host, joins Sallie to finish up the education resource sharing series, WELSTech Goes To School. Visit the resource page for loads of great links covering …

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Episode 396 – Martin’s away and Sallie’s getting creative. Who knows what could happen?!? Watch and participate on 06/09/15 @ 4 pm Central – welstechlive.wels.net

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This week we’re “happy” to add a new video to the WELSTech Promo Playlist. It’s a fun look inside St. Paul’s Lutheran School in New Ulm, MN

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291 – What The Internet Is Doing To Your Brain

Today on WELSTech we tackle a potentially scary topic – your brain on the Internet! David Tess joins us to calm our fears and talk about the new wiring that is going on in today’s brains. We also have a listener book review, some vacation tech ideas, a WELS.net feature and feedback from the awesome WELSTech community!

The interview and discussion:

(3:21) How You Think – Professor David Tess from Wisconsin Lutheran College talks with Martin and Sallie about his upcoming presentation for the Wisconsin Lutheran Teachers’ Conference on the effect of the Internet on brain development. Different connections are made in the brain today because of the massive amounts of information that is being processed. And with all of the information coming into the brain, it is extremely hard to have deep thought processes on most of it.

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(41:20) Find a church or school using the WELS Locator online or in the WELS Mobile app. It’s a good idea to verify your own church or school listing and e-mail updates or photos to [email protected].

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(51:27) Episode 292 – Summer is officially ON for WELSTech next week as we kick off our summer “Church and School Website Content” series. Listen all summer as Martin and Sallie collaborate on an e-book on the topic. First up … The Home Page. (Release date – 06/11/13)

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(53:12) We close the podcast with the music of Cross To Glory (www.facebook.com/crosstoglory) – One Name

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