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493 – Feedback and Infographics

Lots of listener feedback and some sweet infographics headline WELSTech this week! We even talk about a cool tool to create your own infographics, the rumored Microsoft “Cloudbook,” countless ways to grow in grace, a bit of Office magic, and some Ministry Resource goodness by way of Google Slides.

The discussion:

Pen, paper and microwave – Martin and Sallie dive into the WELSTech virtual mailbag and share some amazing technology for ministry and a few stunning infographics.

News in tech:

The Microsoft ‘CloudBook’ could be Chromebook’s worst nightmare

Countdown to episode 500:

Revisit year 3 (2010) of WELSTech (episodes 113 to 164), the year of the church Facebook page!

WELS now:

Opportunities for Summer study

Picks of the week:

Ministry resources:

Desktop Publishing in the Cloud

Featured video:

New on the WELSTech Music playlist is Hallelujah featuring Dawn Michelle Williams.

Coming up on WELSTech:

Episode 494 – Teacher Rachel Feld chimes in on the topic of the changing role of teachers. Release date: Wednesday, April 26.

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