403 – One in Christ

WELSTech comes to you from WELS Convention at Michigan Lutheran Seminary in Saginaw, MI this week. Martin and Sallie talk with several delegates about their convention experience and share lots of great ministry resources along the way. Martin’s pick of the week is a great utility for quickly and easily typing Christian Worship hymn verses.

The interviews:

Sallie-ConventionLogo2The delegates perspective – Martin and Sallie welcome four synod convention delegates to the show and get their first-hand impressions of the synod convention experience as well as a taste of technology in their various ministry settings. Special thanks to Prof. Paul Koelpin from Martin Luther College, Prof. Carl Hochmuth from Luther Preparatory School, Missionary Terry Schultz who most recently served in the Caribbean and Layman Brent Nemmers from Atonement in Plano, TX.

The discussion:

Ministry resources abound – Viewers get a bonus treat in this episode of WELSTech as Martin and Sallie break up the interviews with not one, but three, ministry resources!

Picks of the week:

Featured video:

This video feature is something our convention delegates will also be viewing, the preview trailer for My Son, My Savior. Find it on the WELSTech Presentation/Teaching Videos playlist on YouTube. Learn more about this film, scheduled for release Fall 2015, at

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Episode 404 – Martin and Sallie are back in their normal broadcast seats just in time to kick off a 5-week summer series, Imagine That, which will focus on working with digital imagery. Join us Tuesday, August 4 at 4 pm Central –

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267 – A Tech History Lesson

This very full WELSTech includes a countdown of ministry-tech milestones, an interview with Pastor Michael Schultz about his new call to head the production of the 2024 hymnal revision, news, picks and feedback. Don’t miss a minute of the WELSTech goodness!

The discussion:

Great moments in ministry tech history – Martin and Sallie look back in history at tech milestones that have had an impact on ministry including …

The interview:

(29:55) New Hymnal Project Director – Pastor Michael Schultz recently accepted the call to head the new hymnal committee and joined Martin and Sallie to share details of the many facets of the project which will lead up to the 2024 publication.

News in tech:

Picks of the week:

Community feedback:

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(56:40) Episode 268 – Continuing the WELSTech Christmas tradition, Martin and Sallie are joined by Pastor Dan Koelpin, Administrator of the WELS Board for World Missions, for an interview-only podcast focusing on outreach in all four corners of the globe. (Release date – 12/25/12)

The featured artist:

(57:50) We close the podcast with the music of  Revelation, a music ministry of Wisconsin Lutheran College ( – A Voice Cries Out

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