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086 – How To Synod Convention

This week on the WELSTech podcast the discussion centers on the technology behind this year’s Synod Convention.

The discussion:

2009 Synod ConventionPack your bags – If you can’t be in Saginaw, MI next week for WELS 2009 Convention, you can enjoy the next best thing, a virtual convention experience complete with live video and audio streams, images, blogs, online resolutions, daily news and more.  Martin and Sallie discuss the technology of convention and how your congregation and school might capitalize on some of the same “tech”niques.

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(50:25) WELSTech double-duty continues next week

  • Episode 087 – Increase your productivity and communication by emptying your inbox, the topic of the next Bonus WELSTech Goodness (BWTG) episode. (Release date 07/27/09)
  • Episode 088 – Get things done with a new crop of Web 2.0 mind mapping and collaboration tools. (Release date 07/29/09)

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(52:20) This week we close with the beautiful piano music of Dawn Gehlhar – All Through the Night from her CD titled ”Inspirations”

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Episode 004 – Jan 30 2008

This week Martin and Sallie discuss broadcasting worship services on the internet as well as interview WELS lawyer Harvey Dunn who clears the air on copyright issues.

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The interview:

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  • WELS contemporary Christian musician WendySue Fluegge sings The Instrument from her CD by the same name – www.wendysue.com

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