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680 – Screens & Video Games

Spring has finally arrived on WELSTech, and with that comes graduation season. We are excited to hear from two soon to be assigned seminary seniors about their tech in ministry research projects. We also have outreach ideas, technology curriculum, event updates, security hardware, and library software recommendations to share.

The discussion

Seminary Senior Theses – Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Seniors Eric Zabell and David Ticks join Martin and Sallie to discuss their tech-in-ministry related senior thesis topics.

Ministry Resource

12 Great Church Outreach Ideas for Summer from Outreach.com

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469 – Addiction

On this week’s WELSTech we tackle a difficult topic, Internet addictions including the use of pornography. Learn some practical tips and resources to help yourself or others you are close to who may suffer from some type of internet addiction. Martin test drives a new, affordable computer solution, and we share a brand new lectionary for the upcoming Church Year A.

The interview & discussion:

Too much or inappropriate use of technology – Martin and Sallie discuss the many types of addictions which can come from use of technology. Staff Minister Dan Schoeffel shares his experience working on the Conquerors Through Christ initiative to support those struggling with the sin of pornography.

News in tech:

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Ministry resources:

Church Year A Lectionary from the Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) of the Bible by the Wartburg Project

Featured video:

This week we’ve added video of a 4-year-old’s ABC Bible Verses to the WELSTech Presentation/Teaching Videos Playlist on YouTube. Download the verses from Homeschool Creations.

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Episode 470 – Martin and Sallie are side by side in the lovely WELS Studio to share ideas on Twitter for Ministry. Release date: Wednesday, November 9.

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